We take real ingredients that grow on trees and fields and bake them gently. If anyone tried to sneak sugar, concentrates or any other nonsense into our foods, we’d bite their heads off. Grrr.

Pick fruit and vegetables fresh in season. We use the whole fruit, not just the juice, and never concentrates.

Bake slowly in traditional baking ovens at a low temperature, keeping below 107.6ºF.

Hand cut the dried fruit into shapes.

It really makes BEAR growl that almost all fruit snacks for children are made from concentrated fruit juices and gumming agents boiled to high temperatures. Grrr.

Make highly concentrated fruit juices/pastes, stripping out fibre and destroying essential vitamins and minerals by boiling at +212ºC in a tank.

Add gumming agents as fillers to bulk recipes and create lower sugar claims, but add no nutritional value.

Push the liquid syrup through an extrusion nozzle to be ‘shaped’ then cooled. The whole process lasts just minutes.